RoBits Finishing!

Feature graphic

It’s been a while.

So I’ve been working on RoBits for quite a while. I’ve drawn loads of images, tested in-app purchasing and much, much more.

Finally it’s in the final stages of developing and testing and I hope to release it in Google Play around June.

I’m pretty confident most people will enjoy it. I would never release a game I myself wouldn’t enjoy.
However, I don’t like marketing. Don’t get me wrong, It’s essential for games to get downloads. But my passion lies with creating, not with promoting.

I’ve made a lazy attempt to create a Launchrock page and sending a  tweet about it. But because I don’t do marketing well, i doubt my 3 twitter followers will notice xD.

On release the game will consist of 100 levels spread out over 5 robots. The player will walk through a broken robot, fixing every component when finishing a puzzle.

I hope you guys will enjoy it!


Mail me if you want a promo code for activating an ad-free version. I’ll check if I have any left.