RoBits Finishing!

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It’s been a while.

So I’ve been working on RoBits for quite a while. I’ve drawn loads of images, tested in-app purchasing and much, much more.

Finally it’s in the final stages of developing and testing and I hope to release it in Google Play around June.

I’m pretty confident most people will enjoy it. I would never release a game I myself wouldn’t enjoy.
However, I don’t like marketing. Don’t get me wrong, It’s essential for games to get downloads. But my passion lies with creating, not with promoting.

I’ve made a lazy attempt to create a Launchrock page and sending a  tweet about it. But because I don’t do marketing well, i doubt my 3 twitter followers will notice xD.

On release the game will consist of 100 levels spread out over 5 robots. The player will walk through a broken robot, fixing every component when finishing a puzzle.

I hope you guys will enjoy it!


Mail me if you want a promo code for activating an ad-free version. I’ll check if I have any left.


A ‘not that updating’ update

Hey guys.

So it has been a few days since my last post and I wanted to give this blog some new content. I haven’t really been working on my baby app project for a little while now, I’m just too busy doing other things. 

I have, however, been thinking about giving you guys a bit more info about my upcoming puzzler!



Roblocks: Shocking Puzzles will probably be the name of this game.

I want this to be a block sliding puzzler in which the player must provide a electrical supply for each robot block. The challenge lies within decoding the proper placing of all blocks, so every robot part has an electrical feed.

I’ll make this with Unity, since I don’t have any experience with any other engines…
I eventually do want to expand my knowledge with different engines, but I first want to have enough experience with Unity.

So far for the update.

Stay posted!

Pinecone out.