Preparations for the next project

It’s funny how your head floods you with new ideas when finishing a current project.

Since I started finishing up on RoBits I’ve had ideas for loads of new games. Of the few that really stuck, there was one that kept evolving and growing into a finished concept.

Ever since I’ve found some awesome 8-bit Simcity-like graphics, I’ve wanted to create a game taking part in a city simulation.
I’ve always really liked business games where you have to take the city into account.

One inspiration would definitly be Pizza connection 2. A game I played alot when I was younger. In this game, location was essential! Place your pizza restaurant near a subway exit and the place will be flooded with customers.

Anyway, I want to create a business game, but not one that focusses on the money. Ofcourse, businesses are mostly about making money, but after making enough, the game isn’t challenging anymore.

I want the player to be focussed on a bigger picture. Like fusing with another business, starting a sister company in a new franchise, expanding internationally, or simply trying to keep up with the competition for example.

I’m thinking about calling it: The Business Challenge.

The challenge would be whatever the game challenges you to do. Owning a specific company within a time period, or destroying a certain existing company within a time period for example.

I’ve written most of my idea here.

It’s gonna look something like this:

Demo City


RoBits Finishing!

Feature graphic

It’s been a while.

So I’ve been working on RoBits for quite a while. I’ve drawn loads of images, tested in-app purchasing and much, much more.

Finally it’s in the final stages of developing and testing and I hope to release it in Google Play around June.

I’m pretty confident most people will enjoy it. I would never release a game I myself wouldn’t enjoy.
However, I don’t like marketing. Don’t get me wrong, It’s essential for games to get downloads. But my passion lies with creating, not with promoting.

I’ve made a lazy attempt to create a Launchrock page and sending a  tweet about it. But because I don’t do marketing well, i doubt my 3 twitter followers will notice xD.

On release the game will consist of 100 levels spread out over 5 robots. The player will walk through a broken robot, fixing every component when finishing a puzzle.

I hope you guys will enjoy it!


Mail me if you want a promo code for activating an ad-free version. I’ll check if I have any left.

My first app released!

Hey guys!

I wanted to fill you in about my first app which has been released on Google Play.

It’s called Princess Rescue Run and is a fun, hectic, evasion game. It has a leaderboard for competing with friends and is just a whole lot fun to play (I even got myself drooling over the awesomeness).

I wanted to develop a simple evasion game with a different feel. My wife came up with the theme of a knight saving a princess and that just stuck with me while constructing the concept.

Anyway, here’s the link!

Be sure to check it out, but be warned! It’s very addictive ;).