Okay, wait

You may have noticed it. I haven’t posted any link for RoBits yet.

I realized I have made no effort at all to market the game. Marketing is crucial actually, even though I really don’t like doing it. I want my games to speak for themselves, not talk others into playing it.

However, this is the world we live in. Definitely the Google Play store is flooded with games. How will my game keep afloat in the sea of content? I’ve decided to market Chocolate Pinecone and my app for about a month before finally releasing it.

It’s not like I can’t start on my new app yet ;-).


Preparations for the next project

It’s funny how your head floods you with new ideas when finishing a current project.

Since I started finishing up on RoBits I’ve had ideas for loads of new games. Of the few that really stuck, there was one that kept evolving and growing into a finished concept.

Ever since I’ve found some awesome 8-bit Simcity-like graphics, I’ve wanted to create a game taking part in a city simulation.
I’ve always really liked business games where you have to take the city into account.

One inspiration would definitly be Pizza connection 2. A game I played alot when I was younger. In this game, location was essential! Place your pizza restaurant near a subway exit and the place will be flooded with customers.

Anyway, I want to create a business game, but not one that focusses on the money. Ofcourse, businesses are mostly about making money, but after making enough, the game isn’t challenging anymore.

I want the player to be focussed on a bigger picture. Like fusing with another business, starting a sister company in a new franchise, expanding internationally, or simply trying to keep up with the competition for example.

I’m thinking about calling it: The Business Challenge.

The challenge would be whatever the game challenges you to do. Owning a specific company within a time period, or destroying a certain existing company within a time period for example.

I’ve written most of my idea here.

It’s gonna look something like this:

Demo City

Preparing for RoBits


That’ll be the name of the shocking puzzler I’ll be working on next. The general idea has been established and I’m planning to start making a puzzle editor for development purposes. Making puzzles is just so complicated, and having a little editor on my phone would be very handy. After all, I probably need to develop hundreds of puzzles, so why not make it a little easier for myself.

The baby app is coming along fine. It’s practically done and I only need to make a few images and a video for the Google Play Store page.

I’m really looking forward to seeing how the baby app turns out! If it’s interesting enough, I might post some of the financial stuff.

I’ve been trying to remake the puzzle graphics for RoBits and I think they turned out nicely. I’m no artist, so for the graphic designers out there it might be horrible, but I like them, and I think I’m going to use them in the game.


Here you can see some of the old ones versus the new ones.