Raised from the dead

My goodness has it been long!

After a half year of focusing on my personal life, I have continued working on the baby app again.
With all the new energy and perspective I gained, working on the project went crazy. In 2 months time I’m almost finished with the app and I’m already planning ahead for the puzzler I told you guys about.

The baby app is going to be called “Baby’s Bubbles”  and is going to be available on Android only.
I’m really interested in how the app will be received, especially because the business model is completely different from my first app. I figured a baby app shouldn’t have banners or any other type of commercials in it, so I want it to be a paid app.
If all goes well I plan to release the app next month.

Furthermore Princess Rescue Run has done fine all this time. Fine for what it was anyway. The number of users has stayed about the same all this time (about 40 – 50). It has had about 250 downloads and has earned me a total of €6.54.

I am proud of what it is, even though there is a lot of room for improvement. It has potential of becoming a very interesting and fun game if I would implement all my ideas, but I simply have bigger ideas for other types of games, so I’ll leave Princess Rescue Run as it is.

For now, I’ll keep on finding and spending time on finishing the baby app.

I’ll keep you guys posted!
For now, here’s an icon I made for the app.


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