Overview Princess Rescue Run since release

Hey everyone!

I promised to post a overview about the “success” of Princess Rescue Run since its release, so here it is!

First off the total installs I got since July 25th are 61.

These people live in the following countries:

Total Installs countries

Of these installs only 35 persons still have the app on their phone.
32 of these persons live in the Netherlandslive in the United States and lives in Thailand.

The revenue I collected is about 60 or 70 eurocents, so I wouldn’t really call it mentionable.


So far for the overview.
I am somewhat bummed about the numbers since I’m assuming most of the installs from the Netherlands are friends and friends of friends. So the “real” discoverers are with very few.

If you take into account all the hours I’ve spent on marketing my app on the internet, one can clearly conclude that all that time has been pretty much wasted.

However, I’m not a quitter. And I strive to keep seeing the positive side of things.

I have, for instance, learned alot about marketing an app and I’ve created a lot of possibilities for marketing my future apps. I’ve learned that marketing your app should be something you start doing at the beginning of your project, not at the end. 
For example, while marketing Princess Rescue Run I’ve created a TwitterGameJolt and Launchrock account.
These accounts will definitely be of use for marketing my future apps.
I also started thinking about making and posting videos about my app on youtube.

All in all I am determined to keep developing apps, and I believe that as my app repertoire expands, their popularity will too.

So far for the update.

Pinecone out.


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