Update on the baby app and further thoughts


Hi everyone!

So here’s an update. I have had little time for the baby app since the last update. I have had the chance to program some pretty essential code and have the feeling mostly animation code is left to do. 

I also set up a google merchant account which is needed for selling your app in the play store, so I’m all set!

I have also put a bit of thought in my next project. I found these graphics a long while ago and really wanted to make a puzzle game with it. I already have a concept in mind and have actually drawn some puzzles already, so stay posted for more info on that.

Furthermore I would love to post something about the statistics of my last released game Princess Rescue Run, so that new developers can get a realistic view on the possible, immediate “success” their app could have. However, I won’t just yet. For a better view I decided to wait till the game has been on the market for a complete month, so if you’re interested in that kind of stuff, wait for my post on August 25th.

So far for the update.

Stay crisp.

Pinecone out.


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