So Choc, what’s your next big idea?

How nice of you to ask!

My mind has been overflowing with ideas for strategy, puzzle and even platformer role playing games. However, my brother and sister in law notified me of the lack of super simple games for babies – and with babies I mean like 1 year olds.

I figured such a simple game would be a fun little project to do in between somewhat bigger projects, so I started developing a concept. This proved to be quite a challenge. Such a challenge that i eventually got completely stuck…

Luckily my lovely wife flicked her fingers and came with a concept there and then. A beautiful simple concept full of fun and education for our mind boggled infants! I’ll keep the concept to myself for now tough, since I don’t want anyone else producing this before me (and typing it out completely just takes too long, while showing it to you guys would just be much easier).

I will, however, reveal that it includes animals, cars and bubbles!

I suspect the app won’t take that long to finish, so you’ll eventually see my next release post pretty soon.

So far the update! Make sure to keep playing Princess Rescue Run and stay tuned for my future posts!

Pinecone out.


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