An Introduction

Unless you people have been living in my head, i would think an introduction is in order…

Hey everyone! I’m Chocolate Pinecone and i’m an indie game developer from the Netherlands.

Making my first game on android made me think about marketing, getting an audience and eventually creating my own appearance as a developer on the internet. So here I am!

First! A little bit about myself.

Growing up, I played game after game everyday. I think it’s safe to say gaming was a bit of an addiction and it was my whole world at that time. 

I remember searching for new games for hours and hours trying to discover my new hype after I was done with my last game.

I noticed that my interest in the mechanics behind a game and brilliant gameplay aspects always played a huge part in choosing the games i liked to play. Eventually I began envisioning a few game concepts – which ofcourse I assume are brilliant – for myself.

I, however, never really knew how to solidify and release these ideas to a big enough audience.

I continued gaming hours a day. Games were my fuel, my escape from the big scary world out there.
This kinda continued until I was about 16 and really craved for true friends and a life outside of my “Pineconiverse”. 

I met this girl who i could talk to amazingly well. We became bestestestest of friends and hung out almost every day! It made me so happy that I had finally found a true friend, somebody who understood me completely and who I could be my uttermost self with.

After some thought I figured this girl could be my soul mate, since we balanced eachother on almost every major characteristic. After some talking we figured we could give romance a try and instantly fell for eachother.

She helped me discover my potential outside the Pineconiverse, and gave me the power to develop myself as a person in the real world. I can never thank her enough for that…

We got married and are still happily married for almost 3 years now!

During these last years, smartphones and mobile gaming had an uprising which I didn’t really bother realizing. I was pretty late at getting a smartphone myself, not realizing the ease of developing a game for smartphones.

Eventually – after the success of flappy bird – it hit me. “I can do that too!” I said. And so my adventures began!

I started researching about development of mobile games and discovered rather quickly that i should focus my attention to developing for android. This because of my friends, who mostly had android phones (And ofcourse the difference in developers fees… Mainly the difference in fees…).

After some more research I found the Unity engine as my weapon of choice, since they recently supported making 2D games (Which I want to be the style of all my games) AND the free Unity version still fully supports developing for android! As long as you don’t make like 1.000.000 a year (Which I don’t, last time I checked).

I started developing a simple game so I could learn the basics and see how the overall process would go.

After half a year here I am! My first game has been published and a thousand new game concepts have been formed in my head.

This is the story of Chocolate Pinecone! (The short one, at least)

I plan on updating this blog with some ideas, recources and ofcourse info about my apps!

Stay tuned (isn’t that a radio thing?) for my new blog posts!
Pinecone out.


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